Wound Care Nurse and Provider Relationships

By: CORRINE EFF, LPN | Quality Coordinator  | ceff@ameriwound.com | ext 909

Nurses and Providers should try to have good communication between each other. Perhaps having a short conference before or after rounds. Set goals to achieve in the interest of the patients. Each clinical care professional should have an open mind for learning opportunities from one another. It is always good to learn new information from one another.

The nurse should never hesitate or become nervous to ask questions concerning the patients care as they are the patient advocate. The provider should be willing to teach and explain any treatments and procedures they perform as they also advocate for the patients. The provider and nurse should show confidence in their wound care knowledge. Include each other in the care. There is room for growth, one may miss something that the other person notices.

Always try to be prepared, sometimes that may not always be possible. If something occurs that may delay care, it's ok to apologize. Apologizing shows respect for each other. Respect goes a long way in the health care field. When health care professional show respect among their peers it creates a pleasant work environment for everyone. It will open up so many doors that will lead to positive situation. Having respect will make better for a close nit tight relationship that everyone will enjoy.

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