AmeriWound & Other Industry Leaders Come Together to Found TeleWound Coalition

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

By Erica Riley, Marketing Manager | May 20, 2020

To keep current with the current climate of social distancing, AmeriWound has developed a TeleWound Care Service Program as well as a TeleHealth Program that - in addition to wound care - includes primary care and surgical consults, now available in all 50 states. These virtual visitation programs allow for ongoing physician wound care treatments and services during COVID-19. AmeriWound has partnered with Swift, Wound Care Education Institute and several other organizations - together, they have galvanized as The TeleWound Coalition.

As a founding member, AmeriWound has contributed thought leadership and immediate implementation of this groundbreaking service. AmeriWound's TeleWound Care Services are available at no cost to the facility or patient and can be integrated seamlessly into facilities' current service offerings, while keeping both patients and providers safe.

In addition to adhering to current social distance recommendations, TeleWound Care also enables scheduling flexibility for both patient and provider and the ability to service any facility across the country, regardless of proximity to the provider. The program can be executed on most devices while using your choice of video conferencing platform.

For more information on how to incorporate AmeriWound's TeleWound Care Services into your facility's current offerings, click here.