Santyl - Compatibility Updates

By: MEAGAN JACKSON LPN, WCC | Wound Care Education |

For years the research behind Santyl’s effectiveness has been well known and well practiced. The procedures have been no silver, no wound cleansers, and can be used until healed. For those out there that still use these guidelines, we have great news for you. Smith & Nephew have updated information about Santyl use and the products that are compatible.

“An inhibition level of 20% or less is deemed compatible” per the Collagenase Santyl website.

The updated website provides a convenient drop down that breaks down the percentage of inhibition. As a wound care educator and nurse I was thrilled to see that many silver products are compatible with the product. These products include but are not limited to, Actisorb Ag, Allevyn Ag, Aquacel Ag, Durafiber Ag, and Mepilex Ag. Moving forward providers can feel confident in combined treatments that effectively manage wounds with both Santyl and silver.

Something to note is that Medihoney actually holds a 22% inhibition rate with Santyl, leading it to be incompatible with the enzymatic debridement agent. Another thing notable about the Santyl site is the updated “Important Safety Information”. This information states, “Use of Santyl ointment should be terminated when debridement is complete and granulation tissue is well established”. The new information suggests that the old verbiage of “using until closed” is antiquated in standard.

As updates to Santyl become available we will keep you informed.